About Us

Veloteq embraces innovations to help people live smarter, happier and healthier.


Veloteq believes life should live smarter, not harder.

With its attentive mind to living, Veloteq products do more than simply beautify our homes and offices; they enable us to pursue our personal goals for better health, better work and living spaces and better fulfillment in all we do.


To make commercial grade equipment that stands out, rises above, and sets new industry standards in the process. Well, we've done just that. But that's just the beginning. Each time we introduce a new product we immediately start asking 'How can we make it better?' Perhaps that's why our machines attract more attention and require less maintenance than anything the competition has to offer.

Veloteq is a subsidiary of China Fun Sports Ltd. China Fun Sports Ltd has been producing Massage Chairs & fitness equipment since 2001. The average annual sales exceed US$20 Million and out fixed assets are currently US$5 Million.

The company's facilities are built on a 30,000 square meters lot which contains a 16,000 square meters factory. A 4,000 square meters warehouse along with an office building, employee accommodation and factory. There are approximately 350 employees in the company, 10% which are professional technicians.


Founded in 2001 Ningbo Zhejiang, place buzzing with ideas and inventions, Veloteq endeavors to achieve technology innovations and design excellence with a vast investment in research, design and development.

All products under Veloteq are created to fuel people's desire for "SMART LIVING" and reflect the highest pursuits of technology and design, harmoniously blending fine aesthetic values with a keen appreciation for our natural surroundings. In addition to our gracefully designed hallmark Time & Weather collections, we extends the spectrum of products from the categories of Sport & Outdoor and Wellness & Beauty to the Electronic Learning collections, which are designed to meet today's lifestyle and enhance the way we live, work and play.

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