Massage Chair

The DF1688F3A1 Massage Chair provides a comprehensive full body massage to relieve your body and relax your mind.

Veloteq brings you the latest technology with excellent features for a phenomenal massage every time.

The DF1688F3A1 Massage Chair is sophisticated luxury designed to take you to the highest states of relaxation and tranquility.

The F3A1 Massage Chair was designed and developed to bring you a complete therapeutic and sensual massage experience.

This chair has a full back massage with a complementary air massage system for your lower body to provide you a full body massage.


Modern Styled Massage Chair

The best seller DF1688F3A1 massage chair is luxurious elegance at its finest. The side panels of the chair and the wood color armrests bring an attractive touch to any room. The plush backrest is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch. The armrests are long, wide and comfortable. The F3A1 Massage Chair is a strikingly beautiful massage chair loaded with therapeutic massage therapies.

Backrest & Footrest

The DF1688F3A1 Massage Chair has a motorized backrest and footrest. Both can be reclined or inclined at the push of a button. The chair will recline the backrest and raise the footrest simultaneously. The backrest and the footrest also operate independently as well. When the automatic massage is complete, the backrest will reset back to its full upright position and the footrest will lower back down. The footrest is extendable an extra 15cm to accommodate those with longer legs.

The DF1688F3A1 Massage Chair is specially equipped with air bags in the seat, legs and feet.

Remote Control

The remote control of the DF1688F3A1 Massage Chair has an advanced LCD display that is simple and easy to use. The remote control has 5 pre-programmed automatic massages which initiate with one touch. With the F3A1, the most frequently used functions are located on the front of the remote such as On/Off, Backrest/Footrest recline, and the heat therapy controls. Less frequently used functions are located behind the front left cover. Simply open the left cover and many of the manual functions are located inside for your convenience.

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  • 146.5 X 84 X 75CM
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  • 66 units / 40'HQ
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  • 90KG / 75KG
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