DF-670 Elite
Massage Chair

The DF670 Elite Massage Chair is the culmination of Veloteq efforts to bring you the latest technology with excellent features for a phenomenal massage.

The zero gravity position elevates your legs above the level of your heart to enhance circulation, reduce pressure on the spine and expand lung capacity.

Get massaged from head to toe with a combination of outstanding technologies focused on providing you complete comfort and thorough penetration.

Select from 5 automatic programs which operate all the features of the chair at the touch of a button.

There are a myriad of manual massage possibilities with 4 manual massage techniques.

The leg rest is extendable 20cm to accommodate those with longer legs and to better target your leg muscles.

Use the full body heat to provide deeper penetration of the massage.


Modern Styled Massage Chair

The DF670 Elite Massage Chair is sleek luxury with its elegant styling and trim. The futuristic look of the chair encapsulates the high technology inside. The detailed styling of the DF670 Elite makes it's the sharpest massage chair available. The DF670 Elite Massage Chair is a modern styled massage chair loaded with therapeutic massage therapies.

Zero Gravity Function

The advanced feature of the DF670 Elite Massage Chair is the Zero Gravity Function. Zero gravity is a position identified by NASA to improve blood flow and decompress the spine. NASA uses this position for astronauts during take-off where their bodies must absorb tremendous forces. This chair utilizes this position to better relax the body. It helps to decompress the spine by better distributing the weight across the entire back rather than concentrate in on the spine.

Backrest & Footrest

The DF670 Elite Massage Chair has a motorized backrest and leg rest. The leg rest is extendable an extra 20cm to accommodate those with longer legs. The calf section of the leg rest extends out 10cm and the foot portion extends out 10cm from the calf section. This enables you to position them right on the muscles needing targeted relief.

Remote Control

The remote control of the DF670 Elite massage chair has an advanced LCD display that is simple and easy to use. The remote control has 5 pre-programmed automatic massages which initiate with one touch. With the DF670 Elite, the most frequently used functions are located on the front of the remote such as On/Off, Backrest/Footrest recline, and the heat therapy controls. Less frequently used functions are located behind the front left cover. Simply open the left cover and many of the manual functions are located inside for your convenience.

  • Dimensions of packing
  • 132 X 78 X 82CM (Main Carton)
  • 93 X 67 X 36CM (Arm Rest)
  • Loading QTY
  • 26 Units / 20' container
  • 63 units / 40'HQ
  • G.W/N.W(kg)
  • 137KG / 115KG
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